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Digital Format - convert Html5 to flip book



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The digital format is the perfect solution for displaying a catalog, magazine, brochure or any other publication on any digital device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, tablet and mobile device based on iOS and Android operating systems).


Digital format processing is done from a PDF file (most recommended but can also be used in image files), the emphasis is on maximizing the customer's needs, including a link to the client site from the top bar, the customer's loading logo displayed in one of the four corners of the table format with a link to the site, And embedding a unique background, links to external and internal sites, and the possibility of embedding videos from You Tube and Vimeo.

The most important thing in digital processing is that your product is quickly and easily accessible to the user. Until now, it was customary to let a customer download a PDF file to a computer that takes up huge storage space and takes more time to download it. It loads fast, there is no need to download a file to the user's computer, no need to add (Acrobat or Flash), and you can immediately browse the information you want to easily distribute speed and maximum quality.

Note, you do not need a website to use the digital format, I can host your publication on my unique server and give you a link so you can use it without needing any site or file handling.


Customers who want the digital format publications to be processed on their server will receive a file set from them at the end of the process to be assimilated on their server and from there it will work. Note, there is no need for a special server.

In the computer and in smartphones and tablets  we can view the publication in a version of a flip realistic browsing that simulates a real browsing of the book and in the form of it's browsing, including the sound. The pages are displayed as left and right pages, and of course, in foreign versions, from left to right.

The publication  run from one link. The link adapts itself to the device from which it is activated and all from one single link. From any device it will open in a way that is suitable for the most correct use.


When you produce a brochure for a digital version, keep in mind that you can increase the number of pages and pass more information to your audience. So take this into account and the cost of generating more pages is negligible compared to the value added.

It  happens more than once you find a mistake in the PDF file that requires repair and replacement of one page or more, you can replace the page or pages as "surgical" new pages. This is one of the important things in this format. If you have a booklet in which you need to change pages on a regular basis, you can get a quote that includes a page exchange, but if this is due to a malfunction or slight change, this replacement is part of the service.


The digital format is based on Html5 technology. Work on every systme from on link, Computer, smartphone and tablet. No need for any Add on or downloading for view the publication. It work on Windows, Android and IOS.

  • 3-D Flip Browsing Experience 


  • The design is tailored to the customer's needs in order to get the optimal look


  • Full support for PC, mobile devices and various operating systems


  • Quick information flow while loading advertising


  • You do not need any plugin to view the booklet


  • You do not need to download files to your computer / mobile device


  • A quality search system for text

  • A virtual table of contents on several levels


  • High quality zoom for easy and pleasant reading


  • Link to a customer's web address from the top bar


  • Writing notes in the body of the booklet


  • There is no need for a website to produce


  • You can get files to embed on your server


  • There are no additional costs for processing or graphics


  • There is no distribution cost - one link and one processing do all the work


  • Varied interface languages


  • And most importantly - an amazing user experience for anyone looking at advertising


  • If you want to produce a digital booklet, you need:


  • A high-quality PDF file is closed at a minimum resolution of 150 DPI


  • A client logo in PNG format for white is transparency


  • Your URL to embed (optional)


  • Google Analytics code to embed in the booklet - if my code is not implemented



The digital format is the tool that gives and creates an amazing viewing experience for online screens. Here you can see few works that made in Digital Format: For more information – send email: or fill the contact form


For invitations use our virtual shop

After you make invitation and payment – send us your files and I will make your publication and send the publication link – first – for check – than for using.

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